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Tour Times

  • 10 am (8:45-9:15 hotel pickup)
  • 12 pm (10:45-11:15 hotel pickup)
  • 2 pm (12:45-1:15 hotel pickup)
  • 4 pm ( 2:45-3:15 hotel pickup) *seasonal only*
  • 6 pm (4:45-5:15 hotel pickup) *seasonal only*

Tour Pricing

  • Small Airboats-seats 6-9 passengers
  • large  Airboats-seats 10-18 passengers
  • Small Airboat-$79.00
                           $99.00 *with hotel pickup*
  • Large Airboat-$60.00
                           $79.00 *with hotel pickup*
  • CLOSED: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day
    Easter Sunday,and Mardi Gras Day

Get Ready for the Ride of your Life!

Ragin Cajun airboat tour starts the adventure as soon as you arrive at our very own piece of sportman’s paradise. Nestled between Louisiana’s breathtaking views of our Bayous and marsh land that lies between picturesque cypress trees and greenery that look straight out of a post card. You will be welcomed by our compassionate staff that will get you ready for your thrill ride and answer any questions you may have! Our Louisiana natives will make you feel like family as soon as you walk through our door-real southern hospitality at your finest! We strive at Ragin Cajun airboats to make sure your adventure is the best it can possibly be. We ensure safety first. Our crew also ensures memories and photographs that will last a lifetime and we really think you will be planning your next cajun adventure with us before the day is over!

Select your adventure!

Small airboat tour

$79/per person

Small airboat tour, has room for 6 to 9 people. This tour is has a small enough footprint to allow everyone to be up close and personal with the extraordinary wildlife in the Swamp.


$79 per person

$99 per person with hotel pickup


Large Airboat Tour

$60/per person

Large airboat tours can accomadate 10 to 18 passengers. This is perfect for larger groups and families looking for an unforgettable adventure. Our captains make sure every passenger gets a chance enjoy the beauty of our Louisiana swamps!


$60 per person

$79 per person with hotel pickup


What types of wildlife will I see?

The swamps and bayous of Louisiana are vibrant ecosystems teeming with life. Alligators are the iconic swamp dweller and our #1 attraction but there's much to see beyond the 'gators. Some of the most common wildlife we see in our swamp are: Alligators, Nutria, Raccoons, Armadillo, Wild Boars, Turtles, Bald Eagle, Hawks, Osprey, Owls, Pelicans,...

Can I book my ride online?

Absolutely. You can prepare your own tour- just visit our booking link. You'll be able to choose your date, time slot, if you will drive out to us or if you'll need hotel pickup transportation. how many people in your tour, and which type of airboat, large or small, private tour or not. Booking is via...

Do you take phone bookings?

We sure do. We are southern folks who love to talk and would be happy to take your phone reservation and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at (504) 436-8000 or toll free at (855) 943-6800. Book Your Tour

Will I see Alligators?

Ragin Cajun is an air boat tour in the swamp with a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. Alligators included. Alligators take extended naps / hibernate when it's cold. In the winter, alligators slow down so they may be less active for viewing purposes. Our Captains do their very best to entice them so that...

Can I bring the whole family?

Young girl with huge alligator
There's nothing better than making memories of your swamp tour than when your family can experience it with you. However, due to the fast pace, noise and bumping around a bit, expectant mothers and riders 5 and under are not permitted. Our swamp tour is a fun family event - give us a call and...