Review by: Kenneth Vasquez

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Kenneth Vasquez rated us: 5 out of 5 stars.

Lots of fun and definitely a must do when in New Orleans. My wife and I booked the 9-person swamp airboat tour. They offered hotel pickup in a very nice and clean shuttle bus, that took us out to the swamp to check in and loaded up. The tour was about an hour and a half on the water itself. Our tour guide was great. Interesting and entertaining for sure. Lots of great stories and jokes to make the experience great for my wife and I on our honeymoon. The swamp is oddly beautiful and the gators are really cool. The guide knew lots about them and was able to feed some up close and personal. Overall a very cool experience and we had lots of fun and very glad we made the trip. Definitely bring sun screen as we got a little sunburn, but our own mistake of not applying to our arms and legs on the sunny day. They also provide ear protection, although we didn’t really find it overly loud and didn’t need to use them, but some would probably want to. We dressed in clothes we wouldn’t mind getting dirty, but didn’t really get wet or dirty, just a small spray and a small bit of mud splash, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing your favorite shoes and outfit. Besides that the trip was lots of fun and if you’re looking for something fun, this was definitely a very cool experience.

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Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Review by: Greg Gaddini

Greg Gaddini rated us: 5 out of 5 stars.

The airboat tour was amazing. Captain Jake was an awesome tour guide and very entertaining, considering how cold it was. When I come back I’ll make sure it’s a lot warmer so I can see the alligators

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Review by: Nicolas Oulerich

Nicolas Oulerich rated us: 5 out of 5 stars.

If you want a bite of the Louisana’s bayou, this is the place you have to go for! People are very welcoming and know the fauna and flora inside out! No question left unanswered. Plus you can be picked up at your hotel!