Review by: Reaghen cerda

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Reaghen cerda rated us: 3 out of 5 stars.

Overall I really enjoyed the airboat tour. Had a great time on the boat going out into the swamp, saw lots of gators and we even got rained on. I will say that if you’re booking with this particular company because you want to hold a baby gator like the pictures on the website, you will be disappointed. We booked with them specifically for that reason only to find out once we were on the boat that they aren’t doing that anymore. They are one of the more expensive swamp tours and we justified the price because we thought we would get to hold a gator. Like I said overall I enjoyed the experience but if you’re thinking about splurging for this in hopes that you’ll get a pic with a gator save your money and look into another tour.