Review by: Rusty Bascom

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Rusty Bascom rated us: 5 out of 5 stars.

Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours was a “just right” experience in that it provide views of alligators and some higher speed. The total tour on the boat lasted a little over 90 minutes. Upon arrival, we checked in where we signed a release and were given a boarding card for a particular boat and operator. There are restrooms and a gift shop area.

The boats are in an area nearby, and hearing protection was provided and encouraged. The boats were equipped with life jackets, but we were not required to wear them. The swamp boat captain was friendly and shared information about the area. The tour started with slower traveling where our boat was positioned to see alligators up close. We spent about half the time moving slowly or stopped to look at the alligators. Our boat then went on some faster passes through areas of the swamp and water. The area seemed to be private for the tour company. This was a fun experience and a good value with just the right amount of time.

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Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Review by: Jenica R

Jenica R rated us: 5 out of 5 stars.

We had a blast! (A few weeks ago)

Our guide was somewhat new, he said he was about two months in, I can’t remember his name but he was a lot of fun and knowledgeable.

We got to the site and waited for a little while before breaking off into groups and loading up. We were supposed to be in a medium boat, but wound up in the largest boat.. we got the front seat though.

We saw several gators and birds, not too much else. None came on the boat or got held (glad we didn’t see any banded jaws).

Flying through the water was the most fun! Very happy to know it was a flat bottom boat.

We made it back in time and got to our food tour no problem.

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Review by: Reesa Moore

Reesa Moore rated us: 5 out of 5 stars.

Airboat tour was the highlight of our NOLA trip. Our guide was informative, ride was fun and relaxing, beautiful scenery! We saw several gators and even a bald eagle. Highly recommend Ragin Cajun Airboat Tour!