Are Airboats electric?

There’s no Tesla for airboats so the air boats are not electric! Even if they were, there would be some challenges keeping them charged up to able to take people out on a tour of the swamps and bayous. Nobody would want to run out charge in the middle of a tour…

Our boats are powered by gasoline engines which drive a large fan at the back of the boat using a belt. BTW – this is what gives airboats their other name of “fanboats.” The fan pushes the boat along and it also means that there’s no propeller required in the water making them better for the wildlife and able to go anywhere we need!

We make sure our boats have plenty of gasoline to get you safely out and back for an enjoyable trip. Once your out on the water, you’ll forget all about the technicalities as you take in all of the plants and animals that call the swamp-lands home.

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