How fast does an Airboat go?

Airboat flying through the swamps and bayous of New Orleans

Contrary to popular belief airboats are not necessarily designed for high speeds. They are designed to operate in very shallow areas and can even operate with no water at all. We can however reach a top speed of 40 to 50 mph depending on type of airboat you are riding in.

50 MPH on water would feel more like 100 MPH on land!

Even though Airboats have an ability to travel at these speeds, our goal is help you safely and enjoyably explore the incredible natural ecosystem of South East Louisiana. Most of our trip will be at more of a cruise so you can really take it all in.

It also get a little loud when traveling at speed, so we’ll have hearing protection for you. Since the tours are guided, you’ll want to hear our Airboat Captains as they point out things you don’t want to miss.

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