How much is an Airboat Swamp Tour?

Pricing depends on the type of ride and whether you will drive out to meet us on the bayou or have us come and pick you up. The two different types of tour are based on the size the size of the Airboat. In both cases, the actual tour will take the same route.

Small Airboat Tour

Small Airboats seat 6-9 passengers and get you up close and personal with the wildlife in a smaller group. This tour costs $79.00 per person for you to meet us or $99.00 / person if you choose to have us pick you up from your hotel.

Large Airboat Tour

Large Airboats seat 10-18 passengers, cost a little less than the Small Airboat Tour and take more people in one trip. This tour costs $60.00 per person for you to drive yourself out to meet us or $79/person for us to pick you up from the hotel.

Booking your tour is easy and can be done securely through our online booking system or over the phone at 504-436-8000.

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