Review by: M.M Bourgeois

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

M.M Bourgeois rated us: 1 out of 5 stars.

Unfortunately our ragin adventure was a dud. The logistics of actually arriving was more eventful, both bus drivers AMAZING! We were offered another tour but I think customer service should of been more accommodating. Push back the other tours with advance notice to avoid inconvenience and offer a ride to the party in front of you. We are sitting in stopped traffic, so to the next group get ready for a refund if you miss your slot!

Review by: Lauren Jones

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Lauren Jones rated us: 1 out of 5 stars.

We booked this tour 2 months ago for $550 and 8 of us came down from Maine for this. The bus picked us up and brought us to the tour (45 minute ride) and we waited for an hour with 4 other groups that all went out first and then they canceled our tour because the specific boat broke down. They were extremely unwilling to make it work by letting us go when the other boats got back because we had to stick to our time slot. They have multiple reservations after ours that were still going to go out that had not made the hour trek there yet. They had a very sorry nothing we can do about it attitude rather than trying to be creative and make it work or make up for us somehow. So 4+ hours of our time wasted for no reason and no remorse from Ragin Cajun.

Review by: Laney Stevens

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Laney Stevens rated us: 2 out of 5 stars.

I think we got a new tour guide. I really wanted to go faster, we barely went 25 mph. No cool turns. Just really general straight cruising at an average of 5-10 mph. There was lots of stopping and chatting about nothing, which is saying something because I actually am a nature buff. It was barely 1 hr and 15 mins long, while they promised 2 hours. Other people on our bus were able to pet the gators, we were not. It just was a bit boring honestly. The ride to and from the place was longer than the actual tour. Kind of bummed out honestly. ☹️