Review by: Cary Neal

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Cary Neal rated us: 1 out of 5 stars.

Will not use these people again. I had made reservations for seven and paid deposit several days in advance. The morning of the tour my Grandson was sick so he and his parents could not go on the tour. My wife called early in the day and explained the situation. She was told they would not refund the deposit. This was understandable, but when the other four of us arrived I was told that I would have to pay full price for Grandson and his parents even though they were not there because we had not provided 48 hours notice of cancellation. This is a ripoff. I can understand not refunding the deposit but demanding payment for services not provided is thievery. However, the four of us could not get on the boat unless I paid for those not there. The tour was good and the guide was great, but Ragin Cajun’s business practices will keep me from going back.

Review by: Denise Angelotto

Real Swamp Tour Reviews - Ragin Cajun Airboat Tours

Denise Angelotto rated us: 1 out of 5 stars.

Do not use them. They are horrible. They called to cancel us 20 mins before we had to be there. We were already on the way and in the Uber. The number doesn’t say ragin Cajun so I didn’t answer and they didn’t leave a msg. Got there and they didn’t even offer to take us back. So now had to pay again to get back. But if YOU cancel within 24hrs, you get nothing back! Also, 30 mins before we had to be there, I get an email that says get ready for your awesome tour blah blah!! I understand canceling but the way they did it was pathetic and totally not concerned about their customers. Way too many bayou tours to waste your money on them!!!