June weather in New Orleans

June weather in New Orleans Swamps as depicted by AI

In June, New Orleans undergoes hot and humid summer weather, standing as one of the city’s warmest and most humid months. Daytime highs typically hit the upper 80s to low 90s Fahrenheit (around 31-34 degrees Celsius), while nighttime lows hover in the 70s Fahrenheit (around 23-27 degrees Celsius).

High humidity levels in June can intensify the heat, making it feel even more overwhelming. Visitors need to prepare for muggy conditions and the likelihood of afternoon thunderstorms. Wearing light, breathable clothing, staying hydrated, and applying sunscreen are advisable for those spending time outdoors.

June also signals the beginning of the hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico, making it crucial for visitors to keep up with weather updates and any potential storm warnings during this month.

Despite the challenging weather, many tourists flock to New Orleans in June, attracted by its vibrant festival scene and events. The city buzzes with life, hosting various music festivals, cultural celebrations, and outdoor activities.

Ragin Cajun's Take on June weather in New Orleans

June is hot! Early in the month, the humidity is still below the levels you can expect in July and August but, as the month progresses, the humidity will rise.

June is a great time to take an airboat tour. Outside of rain showers and pop-up storms, the weather should be warm to hot. Bring sunscreen. Hot weather means alligators … lot’s of them!

Customer Review of an Airboat Tour in June

Scott Crow had this to say on his Google review:

“This was my family’s first swamp tour and I must say it was the highlight of our weeks long stay in New Orleans. Very friendly/accommodating staff and our tour guide was top notch! Very knowledgeable with excellent interaction with the visitors on the boat. He went out of his way to bring the gators up close and personal. I think the one thing that stood out more than anything (other than the interaction with the gators) was the non-commercialized facilitation of the tour. It was almost like we had a personal friend take us out for a boat ride/tour. If ever back in New Orleans, I will no doubt book another tour with this specific company.”

All of our airboat tour customer reviews from Google post raw and unfiltered to our website. Here you can see Scott’s review of an airboat tour in June.

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