Why you should consider an airboat / plantation tour combo

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Taking an airboat plantation tour combo offers a unique and enriching experience. The is especially true if you’re interested in exploring the natural and historical aspects of a region like Louisiana.

Here are 10 reasons why this combo can be a great choice:

Diverse Experiences

Combining an airboat tour with a plantation visit provides a blend of natural and cultural exploration. You get to experience the excitement of gliding through the waterways on an airboat while also delving into the historical significance of the plantations.

Natural Beauty and Wildlife

Our airboat tours take you through the stunning landscape of bayous, swamps and marshes so that you can observe a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat. This can include alligators, birds, and other local fauna.

Cultural and Historical Insight

Visiting a plantation offers a glimpse into the past, particularly the history of the region, including the era of slavery and the agricultural economy. It’s an opportunity to learn about the architectural styles, lifestyle, and challenges of those times.

Educational Value

Both parts of the tour offer educational opportunities. You can learn about the ecosystem and environmental aspects during the airboat ride, and about the social, economic, and historical aspects at the plantation.

Unique Perspective

The airboat tour provides a perspective of the landscape that you can’t get any other way. It offers an up-close view of the waterways and marshes. Similarly, the plantation tour provides a personal look into a significant part of history.

Photographic Opportunities

Both settings offer unique and beautiful photographic opportunities – from capturing the fast-paced action of the airboat to the serene beauty of the historical plantations.

Fun and Adventure

Airboat tours can be thrilling, offering a bit of adventure along with the educational aspects. It’s a fun way to explore the natural environment.

Support Local Tourism

By taking one of our tours, you’re supporting a family-owned local business and tourism, which is vital to the Louisiana economy.

Customizable Experiences

We offer three different plantation tour options: Destrehan, Oak Alley, or Laura Plantations. You can choose which interests you the most. In addition our tour bus will pick you up and take you back.

Memorable Experience

The combination of adventure, education, and historical exploration makes for a memorable trip that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Airboat and Plantation Tour Combo

Overall, an airboat and plantation tour combo provides a comprehensive experience that is both enjoyable and enlightening, making it a unique way to explore New Orleans’s natural and historical heritage.

Choose your adventure!

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